• Michael Gawel
  • Derek Lambacher
  • Adrian Harris
  • Taylor Lambacher

The Beast That Prays is the kind of hard hitting and intricate thrash that reminds me what I love so much about the genre.–Two Guys Metal Reviews

TESTIMONY’s second EP, released in September of 2014, showcases complex songwriting and stellar musicianship that is largely unseen amongst contemporary metal acts. Pulling from influences of both old and new, TESTIMONY is able to conjure a soundscape familiar to classic metal fans yet has a unique sound that is in itself new and refreshing. Their music straddles the line between palatability and dizzying complexity which has allowed it to be widely well received by metal enthusiasts and musicians alike.

As great as the EP is, few things compete with their live set and this is where TESTIMONY truly shines. During a live performance TESTIMONY radiates an intoxicating energy, an energy derived from their individual musicality as well as a chemistry that only comes from years of playing together. Their live performances are a mass of red hair and flying fingers that Chicago music critic Geoff Teach describes as, “…truly a sight to behold and a sound to be awed by, and never once have I seen them perform for an assembled mass of humanity and NOT wow someone new.”

In the near future TESTIMONY looks to harness the raw energy of their live set and transfer that intensity into a full length album. Armed with that sonic warhead they will look to wreak havoc, and utterly decimate lands both new and far.

With ambitious goals in mind, TESTIMONY is ready to make the necessary sacrifices in order to build on their Chicagoland success. Thus far a solid foundation has been laid, with the band already sharing the e stage with national acts such as Vektor, D.R.I., and Revocation, Testimony’s hard work and dedication was noticed. Now, TESTIMONY is poised to kick it up to the next level!